Introduction / Introduction

9_5cb8a61c.gifAbout School of Nutrition Health Sciences

School of Nutrition and Health Sciences was established in August 1979. Later, School of Nutrition and Health Sciences was extended to establish master's program, Nutrition and Health Science Technology (a 3-year program), master's program for continuing education, and Ph.D.'s program in August 1995, February 1999, 2000 and 2002, respectively. Based on the concept of "Life counts on health, and health counts on nutrition", we train the professionals and specialists in the areas of education and research with the specialists in the therapeutic nutrition, nutrition research, food service management, and quantity food production, planning, and management to achieve the goal of health promotion for the public.

Course Introduction

The core courses in School of Nutrition and Health Sciences focus on basic nutrition, physiology, and biochemistry, and further divide into three special areas: food and nutrition research, clinical and community nutrition, and food service management.

The courses in the area of food and nutrition research include instrument analysis, special topics in nutrition biochemistry and physiology, individual study, cell biology, workshop in food and nutrition, and biotechnology. The courses in the area of clinical and community nutrition include nutrition and immunology, nutrition for vegetarian, nutrition and epidemiology, clinical instruction in dietetics, and nutrition tutoring. The courses in the area of food service management include food preparation, personnel management, food service administration, and social etiquette.

The master's program further emphasizes the advanced research in food and nutrition, industrial development, and nutrition education based on nutrition knowledge to train more professionals with the specialty in nutrition related research.

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