【Internationalization】2019/4/30(Tue.)Mu-Shan Seminar - Prof. Didier Vieau, Ph.D.

Poster:Post date:2019-04-19

Date: 2019.04.30 (Tue.)

Time: 14:00~15:20

Venue: B201 meeting room, Da’an

Title: From Fetal Origin of Adult diseases (FOAD) to Developmental Origin of Health and Diseases (DOHaD) hypotheses: does perinatal environment program detrimental or adaptive mechanisms or both?

Speaker: Prof. Didier Vieau, Ph.D.

Contact: Erin Huang (erin.huang@tmu.edu.tw) / Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials & Tissue Engineering College of Biomedical Engineering, TMU

Enclosed are Speaker’s C.V. and abstract.


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