[Important Announcement] 2019 Sakura Exchange Program

Poster:Post date:2019-05-01
 2019 SAKURA Exchange Program in Science is open for application. Please apply online and submit all required documents to the college office by May 17th.

線上申請Online Application: https://sakuraplan-88ad6.firebaseapp.com/sakura-index.html

【名額Admission quota
10/10 persons

【申請資格Eligibility年齡需在40歲以下,各系所申請資格如/Applicants must be graduate students(age under 40)from 35 countries/regions. Applicants must meet the qualification list below.


【申請時程Application Deadline即日起至2019517()1700,將相關資料繳交至學院辦公室。Please submit all requirements to the college office by May 17th.

【繳交文件Documents required

1.日本亞洲青少年科技交流計畫申請表Application form(Online Application: https://sakuraplan-88ad6.firebaseapp.com/sakura-index.html)

2.研究所歷年成績單 A copy of official transcripts for all previous coursework at graduate school.

3.英文/日文檢定成績證明A copy of proof of English or Japanese proficiency


4.其他(:國際會議發表證明) Other Supporting materials(e.g. a demonstration of international conference participation)

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